Friday, July 20, 2018

Things I'm Loving Right Now

So I did a poll on my Instagram story a few weeks asking if you guys wanted to see a European travel diary or things I'm loving now and many of you dm'ed me and said both. The travel diary is now posted so here are some of my favorite things right now! (;

1. OTBT NOVA PLATFORMS - I purchased these OTBT platform sandals a few weeks ago from the boutique I work at. I was shocked at how comfortable they were. The OTBT Bushnells are the most popular but I just don't find them that comfortable. The OTBT Nova platforms are also a lot more affordable. They come in two colors: silver and copper.

2. DAY DESIGNER PLANNER - Before I head back to school every year I always look forward to getting a new planner. I normally opt for a larger planner but this year I wanted one a little thinner. That's when I found the Blue Sky Day Designer planner at Target. It has all of the space I need and, it starts in July opposed to August like most planners. The Day Designer also have inspirational quotes and a list of goals for the week.

3. CAUDALIE MOISTURIZER - I received this moisturizer by Caudalie in a Birchbox a few years ago and fell in love with it. It makes your skin look so hydrated and soft. The only problem was the price, which is super expensive here in the U.S. However, while I was in Paris I stopped at the Caudalie store inside of the Louvre and bought the moisturizer along with a few other things! The moisturizer is only $29 in Paris!

4. CRAZY RICH ASIANS - I bought this book at Target before I went to Europe on a whim. I haven't finished it yet but so far it's really good! It kind of reminds me of Chinese Gossip Girl in a way.

5. PUMA VIKKY SNEAKERS - Back in April I bought these sneakers as a little birthday present for myself. I have been absolutely obsessed with them since I bought them. They have gel insoles that bounce back into shape with each step you take. I wear them for six hour shifts at work and I even walked 5 miles a day in them while in Europe. I seriously recommend these shoes!

6. LARGE LONGCHAMP - If you've been following me for a while you have probably seen my khaki colored Longchamp le pliage tote with the navy monogram. I have literally had this purse since I was in eighth grade. So, I decided it was time to buy a new one; and what better place to get it than Paris. I decided to purchase a larger Longchamp in the beautiful blush color shown above. I am in love with this purse, mostly because of the crazy amount of space!

7. DYNASTY - *CALLING ALL GOSSIP GIRL FANS!!!* I started watching this show about a month ago and I cannot express to you how good it is. Dynasty is literally like Gossip Girl if it was based in Atlanta. If you're a fan of Gossip Girl, 90210, or Revenge I highly recommend!

I hope you all enjoyed this round-up of some of my recent favorites! 


  1. Ohhh I love Dynasty!! I binged it all when It first came out on Netflix a few months back. It's soo good!