Tuesday, May 28, 2019

SKINCARE: my routine, fav products, & tips

I know my blog is typically fashion related but today I want to talk about skincare. I am super passionate about skincare; it's such a huge part of my life. 
When I was little all I ever wanted to do was wear makeup however, when I was finally able to wear makeup I realized I didn't enjoy it. This is when my skincare obsession began. I love watching skincare routines videos and reading skincare posts on instagram so, I really wanted to try out a skin post for myself! 
*Please keep in mind I am no esthetician or doctor; skincare is a passion of mine and I like to share my tips!*

CLEANSER: As soon as I get in the shower I use this African black soap and rose hips face wash. I usually let it sit on my face for the rest of my shower. When I do this the African black soap really gets to get rid of dead skin cells and fade dark spots. When I started using this face wash I noticed a change in my skin after a week!

EXFOLIANT: I usually exfoliate once a week or as needed in the shower. I have yet to find an exfoliant I love more than Real Chemistry's Luminous 3-minute Peel but the problem is it's $63. If you're willing to fork over the $63 for this exfoliant you will not regret it! As for now I am using the St. Ives apricot scrub (I think we ALL know which one i'm talking about). I know this isn't the best for your face so I am really looking for a new exfoliant similar to the Real Chemistry one.

MOISTURIZER: When I get out of the shower I immediately apply my Caudalie vinosource moisturizer. I have never used a better moisturizer in my life! I promise your skin will be changed in less than 3 days. When it's winter I like to use something a little heavier like this moisturizer from Avene. 

FACIAL OIL: In the last six months or so I have started to incorporate an oil into my skincare routine. I use an oil after my moisturizer before bed. Towards the beginning of 2019 I used marula oil on my face (and hair). I really liked the marula oil but it is a little pricey so, I knew I needed something else. Around the end of winter I switched to Vitamin E oil. The one I use is from Trader Joe's and it only cost me $4! Vitamin E oil also works great on the rest of my body and in my hair. 

SUNSCREEN: I know I'm young but I still like to use a sunscreen on my face during the day to prevent my black from cracking in the longrun lol. This is the sunscreen that I have used recently. I also use Supergoop's SPF eyecream under my eyes when I know I am going to be in the sun for a while. 

FACE MIST / TONER: I am the QUEEN of facial spray I use it all the time (even when it's unecessary). I actually have a whole blog post talking about Mario Badescu's rosewater spray. I typically use a facial mist before my moisturizer and after my makeup. When I really want my highlighter to POP or I my skin is dry I use Caudalie's grape water spray. This spray is in a can so it is always super refreshing.

MASKS: Like any other teen girl I love a good face mask. Not only are face masks relaxing and fun, they also have some really great benefits. Once a week I use this mask from Caudalie. If I am feeling a little extra I use a moisturizing mask like this one from Glam Glow. I also really like using sheet masks from Tony Moly I usually just pick one for whatever my skin needs. If you suffer from skin flare ups caused my allergies I highly reccommend the tea tree mask.

SPOT TREATMENT: All of these products usually keep my skin pretty clear however, I still get the occasional breakout. When this happens I use Mario Badescu's drying lotion on any breakout I have. This clears up pimples overnight I promise! When you use it be sure no to shake it or the entire formula will be ruined. 

LIP CARE: I usually don't exfoliate my lips with anything but a washcloth in the shower. When it comes to chapstick I love Auquaphor and this lip oil treatment by Clarins.

- Apply moisturizers, serums, and oils right after you shower. This allows your skin to really absorb the product in your skin while your pores are still open. 

- Use a jade roller to apply oils. Jade rollers work great at stimulating blood flow to your face and promoting lymphatic drainage. 
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- Put sheet masks and eye patches in the fridge for a more refreshing feel. 

- Use a sheet mask after applying your full skincare routine for maximum glow and hydration!

- Use a mud mask as a spot treatment.

That's all I have for today's post! I hope you enjoyed, I had so much fun putting this post together. I really want to do more skincare posts in the future!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Split Snakeskin Shirt

Hey lovelies! I am back today with another outfit post!

I made a purchase from Shein a few weeks ago for a few new spring and summer pieces. Shein is my go to place for affordable and trendy clothes. One of the pieces I purhcased was this super cute snakeskin print top. I also found this top for only $14!

This is the perfect top for a summer dinner because it is dressy but still light and flowy! I paired the top with a pair of Old Navy Rockstar jeans for a more casual look. I also wore this shirt to my mom's birthday dinner with a pair of black jeans to make the look more nighttime appropriate. 

For shoes I wore my FAVORITE OTBT wedges. I have talked about these shoes a million times but I just wanted everyone to know how dang comfy these shoes are. Literally all the women in my family have started to jump on the OTBT bandwagon and love these shoes just as much as I do!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, look out for so many more this summer! 

Saturday, April 6, 2019

19th Birthday Outfit & Recap

Hey everyone! So happy to be writing you all on my new domain thepinkcaterpillar.com! While I've been home on spring break I gave The Pink Caterpillar a little facelift! I am not totally done yet but I really wanted to start posting! 

Yesterday was my 19th birthday so I wanted to share my outfit from dinner last night! I was really busy earlier in the week so, I really wanted to have a chill birthday doing all of my favorite things. The day before my birthday I spent the day acquiring a ton of free things from stores around Augusta. I also got a few more freebies on the day of my birthday. Some of the places that I received free birthday treats from are : Ulta, Starbucks, Chick-fil-a, and Sephora! 
I would love to say I had an extravagant birthday poolside on some island; but that is the opposite of how I spent my day. To be completely honest I spent most of the day in bed watching Tori Kelly tour videos on YouTube lol! After my very "eventful" day I went to dinner with my family! 

Now on to the outfit! I bought this jumpsuit at Old Navy last week and I am obsessed! The midi length hem is perfect so I can wear it with heels, sneakers, or sandals! For shoes I just wore my favorite wedges by OTBT. I have waited all year to wear these. The weather in Augusta was just right for wedges yesterday! 

I hope you all enjoyed this post!!!

Friday, March 1, 2019

Happy March: Coming Back to My Blog & Getting Out of a Rut

If you haven't noticed I have been very inconsistent in my blog content over the past few months or so. At first I was really trying to adjust to college life and then I kind of got unmotivated. 

I would try to write posts but I could never complete them. I don't know why but I had no real motivation to continue writing and creating for my blog. I got into kind of a rut on my blog and honestly in my life. Ever since I was a kid I have struggled with the repetitive schedule of school and everyday life

After a couple of weeks of feeling super unmotivated I finally decided to take action and kick this rut! 

The first thing I did after, I made the decision to get out of my rut, was make a list of all of the things that make me feel happy/productive. These things were as simple as: working out and spending time with friends. As soon as I did this my mood and motivation somehow changed. This probably sounds crazy but there is just something special about writing things  out. 

Another thing that really helped me get out of my rut was change up my routine. I found myself doing the same thing everyday and I wasn't very happy about it. I decided to change up little things in my day to day routine just to see if I felt any difference and I most definitely did! One of the things I changed in my routine was where I eat and who I eat with. A lot of the time I am in a rush to go to class so I eat something quick in my dorm or the dining hall. I decided to block out a little more time during the day to eat with friends or eat at a different place on campus. I also found it beneficial to switch up my study spot. I always study in the same spots on campus. Last week I tried out 4 different study spots. I felt such a difference in my motivation to do my school work after this.

It's only been about a week now since I decided to kick this rut but, I will definitely keep you all posted on my progress! 

So happy to be back on the blog!!!

Monday, January 21, 2019

College Trader Joe's Haul: Grocery Haul Under $40

Recently I have been obsessed with watching people's grocery hauls on Youtube! It is always helpful to see what other people buy. As a college student I can be a little lost in the grocery store!
I went grocery shopping today and I decided I would share what I got! Keep in mind that I grouped the items in the pictures below by what section of the store they can be found!

Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips $1.99 - I'm not a huge chip person but I love Doritos so I guess these are kind of the Trader Joe's version of Doritos. They don't taste exactly like Doritos but, they get the job done!

Brown Rice Cakes $2.99 - I know rice cakes may sound a little gross to most of you but, I love them as a snack. I like to eat mine with peanut butter and bananas. Rice cakes are great to keep in a dorm room because they stay fresh longer than bread!

Black Beans $.79 - I feel like these will be great with some brown rice and salsa for a quick meal!

Apple Strawberry Bar $.69 - Ever since I was a little kid I have been obsessed with fruit leathers so I picked up a couple. Most people think they are gross but I love them!

Peanut Butter Chip & Oat Bars $2.49 - Normally when I shop at Trader Joe's I love to but the PB&J bars. This particular Trader Joe's was sold out so I decided to try these instead! I have yet to try them; I will keep you posted!

Peanut Butter $1.99 - I am obsessed with peanut butter so I always like to keep some in my dorm! Normally I buy the Skippy Natural kind but I decided to try this one from TJ's and it tastes the same!

Lady Alice Apples $2.99 - I usually keep apples in my dorm so I decided to try the Lady Alice kind!

Cucumber $1.49 - I don't know what to say about this one lol. I just eat cucumber slices that's all. 

Harvest Chili $4.49 - This item is not produce but it can be found in the produce section. I am obsessed with chili so now that I don't have a kitchen in my dorm I always want it! I have heard great things about this chili!

Baby Carrots $1.49 - I got these to go with a dip you will see in the next photo! 

Bananas $.19 - I always keep bananas in my dorm for snacks and smoothies!

Spinach & Kale Dip $3.99 - If you've ever had the Hidden Valley spinach dip recipe you know it's amazing. This dip from TJ's tastes exactly like it! This one is just a little but healthier!

String Cheese $2.99 - String cheese is always a good snack so, I like to keep it in my dorm!

If you are a super busy person or college student (or both like me) the frozen section at Trader Joe's is everything! I normally like to get a few more things but the store was pretty low on my favs.

Brown Rice $3.49 - I love to have rice in my dorm for those hard times lol. Brown rice is my favorite!

Frozen Mango $2.49 - I love mango in my smoothies or just as a snack! I always keep frozen mango in my freezer!

Chicken Burritos $2.69 - I always keep some type of microwavable burrito in my freezer. I love the bean and rice one from TJ's but the store was sold out. I thought I would give these a try!

I hope you all enjoyed this post!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Affordable Holiday Gift Guide: 2018

Hello there! Another holiday blog post is coming your way! 

Today I am sharing a holiday gift guide for almost everyone on your list! I always love to find a deal so, almost every item on today's gift guide list is under $100! There are also a TON of great deals going on for the holiday season! If there is a deal on any items

1. HAT $17.97 - This first gift idea is super simple and could be purchased for almost anyone! I feel like a simple black hat like this Adidas hat, can be worn with so many different outfits. This hat is currently sale for just under $18!

2. HYDROFLASK $44- Hydroflasks are a great gift idea! So many people set a New Years resolution to drink more water and a Hydroflask water bottle would actually help them to achieve this goal. Hydroflasks are have many different colors and a lot of different lid options available! 

3. SUGAR LIP SET $42 - This lip care set would be great for any girl in your life! I know that my mom loves to get stuff like this! Sephora always has the best holiday gift sets and the sugar sweet case is one of my favorite gift sets at Sephora this year!

4. NAIL POLISH - Nail polish is one of my favorite gift to give and receive. I personally feel like I can never have enough of it! 

5. SPOON RINGS  - I recently purchased this ring and I have never had more compliments on a piece of jewelry ever! Spoon rings are super unique rings made out of antique spoon ends. I think this would be a super unique gift and there are so many different styles available!

6. TILE KEY FINDER $24.99- I have never had one of these key finders before, which would probably explain why I keep losing my keys! I have heard great things about the Tile Key finders! I think this would be a great gift, especially for the rather forgetful person on your gift list.

7. BIRCHBOX FOR MEN & WOMEN - I think the idea of a Birchbox for men is a genius idea. Most guys usually have no idea what products that want or like to use. Birchbox helped me find some of my favorite makeup and skincare products!

8. TEDDY COAT - These coats are all the rage for girls teen girls! A teddy coat is super trendy and always make a statement with any outfit!

9. BIRKENSTOCKS $100- These are the most comfortable shoes! Birkenstocks can be a great gift for anyone! I live in my Birkenstocks all twelve months of the year! 

10. CANDY - This one is pretty self-explanatory but, candy! Who doesn't love candy? For a cheap and fun gift buy your gift recipient their favorite candy and maybe a candle (my favorite candle) or some hot cocoa!

11. CORKCICLE CIGAR GLASS - Is it just me or are dads the hardest ones to shop for when it comes to Christmas gifts? I bought my dad this glass for Christmas last year and he absolutely loved it! This is a super cool and unique gift for a dad or grandpa!

12. PERFUME SET - Like I stated before there are some amazing holiday gift sets out there! This is another one of my favorites! I absolutely adore the Philosophy Grace perfumes. They are light and simple but not too simple!

13. UGG SLIPPERS - I think Christmas is a great time to give someone a quality pair of slippers. Slippers are one of those things you do not usually think about purchasing for yourself. This pair of Ugg slippers look so comfy! Shoes.com is also has a great sale of 30% of with the code: GIFTS18.

This conclude my little holiday gift guide! I hope you got a few ideas for the people on your gift list! 

Thursday, December 6, 2018

My Christmas Wishlist: 2018

Hello beautiful people! I am finally able to sit down and write a post for you all and I could not be more excited! School has been very busy but, luckily I am able to create some content for you just in time for the Christmas season! 

Today I am sharing the things I put on my Christmas wishlist for this year! I also included some of my favorite Christmas music below!

1. DUNKIN GIFT CARD - This may sound like a random thing to ask for but, as a college student I like to save money anywhere I can. If you follow my Instagram, you know I love, love, love Dunkin Donuts coffee. I feel like a gift card will help fuel my (small) addiction, and save me a few dollars!

Photo via Pinterest
2. CAUDALIÉ MOISTURIZER - This is my favorite moisturizer ever and I recently ran out. I always love to include things that I would not typically buy for myself but really love! This moisturizer makes your skin look better overnight, highly recommend!!

Photo via:Pinterest

3. PEARL EARRINGS - So, I started my blog when the "preppy" trend was at its peak. During this phase I wore pearls and polo oxfords pretty much everyday. While I don't wear polo oxfords anymore I still love the classic look of pearls. I have a long strand of pearls from my grandmother and I think it is finally time I have matching pair of earrings! 

Photo via: Pinterest
4. SOCKS - This is another random and self-explanatory thing. I just need new socks and I keep forgetting to buy them at the store so I added them to my Christmas list!

Photo via: Glossier
5. GLOSSIER BOY BROW - I am terrible at makeup, especially drawing in my brows. My eyebrows also don't grow in at the ends so I can't completely neglect them when I do my makeup. I have heard great things about the Glossier Boy Brow. The best thing that I have heard is the easy application! 

6. HIGH KEY BY QUAY AUSTRALIA - My favorite sunglasses company in Quay Australia. It has become a little tradition over the past four years for me to get a new pair of Quay sunglasses. I love the look of a classic black sunnie but, I left my black pair in Paris this summer. I miss my black sunglasses SO MUCH, I am in love with the High Key style.