Saturday, January 28, 2017

Ways to Use Mario Badescu Rosewater Spray

Hello there! 

I am super excited about today's blog post because it is all about one of my favorite products, Mario Badescu rosewater spray.

This spray instantly became one of my favorite products when I purchased it a few months ago. I love the smell and formula of this spray so much, and there are so many different ways to use it! 

Today I will be sharing my favorite ways to use my Mario Badescu spray!

1. BEFORE MAKEUP - I love to spray my rosewater spray all over my face as a light primer before I put on my makeup. 

2. AFTER MAKEUP - The spray also works great as a makeup setting spray. I also find that I get a more natural glow when I use this spray to set my makeup.

3. PLANE RIDE / WORKOUT - After a workout or on a plane ride the spray would work great as a way to instantly refresh and revive your skin.

4. HIGHLIGHTER - I love to spray a little on my highlight brush right before I apply my highlighter. I have really noticed a difference in the "pop" of my highlighter after using this little trick!

5. WET YOUR BEAUTY BLENDER -  I spray a little of my rosewater spray on my Beauty Blender to wet it if I am doing my makeup in a hurry or in my car.

6. IN YOUR HAIR?? - This last use for the spray sounded a little odd to me at first. Basically you can spray the Mario Badescu spray in your hair to make it smell all fresh and rosy! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the uses for Mario Badescu spray! You can purchase the spray below! 

Have a great day! 

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