Sunday, August 9, 2015

What's in my backpack?

Hey guys! Today I have another post in my back to school series for you all. I'm going to be showing you "What's in my backpack?". I always love these types of posts so I thought it would fun for you all. I will be showing you the fun stuff in my bookbag not the boring books and stuff.
This post is actually a collab with Emma from Fashionably Emma. So be sure to check out her post!

Let's get started!

This is my bookbag. I got it from L.L. Bean last year and I love it so much. It has a special bottom pocket for simeone like me to put clothes in. Of course I got it monogrammed to make it even better!

First, I have my planner and notebook. This planner is so great to have it really helps me keep track of all my assignments. My notebook is for my AP World History class. I also love to decorate my school supplies with lots of stickers if you can't tell!

Next is my calculator I actually painted last year in Lilly Pulitzer "First Impressions". Math is my least favorite subject so if I have to use a calculator it might as well look cute!


I've never been one of those girls who carry an extra bag of makeup in my backpack but, I like to have a few beauty items. I keep a perfume, a face mist, and a mirror in bag just for fun!

I hope you had fun reading this post be sure to check out Emma's post in the link above

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