Monday, January 9, 2017

January Inspiration Board

Every month I make an inpiration board in my room and usually share it on my Instagram. You all really seem to enjoy it a lot so I decided to share my inspiration board here on the blog and go into a little more detail.

My "theme" I was going for on this month's inspo board was neutral tones and classic pictures.
PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION - I found this quote on Pinterest and it really stuck with me so I printed it out and pinned it on there. As I am writing this post I am about to enter my last semester of high school before college applications. This quote is a reminder that I cannot be perfect but I can try my best. {photo via Pinterest}
TRAVEL - I found out last week that I am going to Mexico for spring break and this little graphic was perfect for this month's board! 

DENIM SKIRT - Even though I am not the biggest fan of denim skirts I thought that this frayed hemline skirt was absolutely adorable! This photo also went well with the neutral theme I was going for. {photo via Pinterest}

2017 CALENDAR - I always see really creative ways to make calendars on Pinterest so I decided to try out my own calendar. This is just a page I ripped out from my 2016 planner. I plan to keep this calendar up on the board all year long!

GLASSES - I just kind of liked these tortoise glasses. I feel like they're so photogenic and remind me of Lily from Gossip Girl!  {photo via Pinterest}

LADY IN CAMEL COAT - I just love a good trench coat! This lady is killing it! {photo via J. Crew style guide}

EVERYTHING ELSE - The rest of the things on this board just goes along with the theme I didn't really put these things on here for any particular reason (except for maybe the ED stationary becaue they regrammed me this week!!!!!). 

I hoped you enjoyed this post. It was so fun to make this month's board; look forward to more posts like this each month! 

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