Tuesday, May 28, 2019

SKINCARE: my routine, fav products, & tips

I know my blog is typically fashion related but today I want to talk about skincare. I am super passionate about skincare; it's such a huge part of my life. 
When I was little all I ever wanted to do was wear makeup however, when I was finally able to wear makeup I realized I didn't enjoy it. This is when my skincare obsession began. I love watching skincare routines videos and reading skincare posts on instagram so, I really wanted to try out a skin post for myself! 
*Please keep in mind I am no esthetician or doctor; skincare is a passion of mine and I like to share my tips!*

CLEANSER: As soon as I get in the shower I use this African black soap and rose hips face wash. I usually let it sit on my face for the rest of my shower. When I do this the African black soap really gets to get rid of dead skin cells and fade dark spots. When I started using this face wash I noticed a change in my skin after a week!

EXFOLIANT: I usually exfoliate once a week or as needed in the shower. I have yet to find an exfoliant I love more than Real Chemistry's Luminous 3-minute Peel but the problem is it's $63. If you're willing to fork over the $63 for this exfoliant you will not regret it! As for now I am using the St. Ives apricot scrub (I think we ALL know which one i'm talking about). I know this isn't the best for your face so I am really looking for a new exfoliant similar to the Real Chemistry one.

MOISTURIZER: When I get out of the shower I immediately apply my Caudalie vinosource moisturizer. I have never used a better moisturizer in my life! I promise your skin will be changed in less than 3 days. When it's winter I like to use something a little heavier like this moisturizer from Avene. 

FACIAL OIL: In the last six months or so I have started to incorporate an oil into my skincare routine. I use an oil after my moisturizer before bed. Towards the beginning of 2019 I used marula oil on my face (and hair). I really liked the marula oil but it is a little pricey so, I knew I needed something else. Around the end of winter I switched to Vitamin E oil. The one I use is from Trader Joe's and it only cost me $4! Vitamin E oil also works great on the rest of my body and in my hair. 

SUNSCREEN: I know I'm young but I still like to use a sunscreen on my face during the day to prevent my black from cracking in the longrun lol. This is the sunscreen that I have used recently. I also use Supergoop's SPF eyecream under my eyes when I know I am going to be in the sun for a while. 

FACE MIST / TONER: I am the QUEEN of facial spray I use it all the time (even when it's unecessary). I actually have a whole blog post talking about Mario Badescu's rosewater spray. I typically use a facial mist before my moisturizer and after my makeup. When I really want my highlighter to POP or I my skin is dry I use Caudalie's grape water spray. This spray is in a can so it is always super refreshing.

MASKS: Like any other teen girl I love a good face mask. Not only are face masks relaxing and fun, they also have some really great benefits. Once a week I use this mask from Caudalie. If I am feeling a little extra I use a moisturizing mask like this one from Glam Glow. I also really like using sheet masks from Tony Moly I usually just pick one for whatever my skin needs. If you suffer from skin flare ups caused my allergies I highly reccommend the tea tree mask.

SPOT TREATMENT: All of these products usually keep my skin pretty clear however, I still get the occasional breakout. When this happens I use Mario Badescu's drying lotion on any breakout I have. This clears up pimples overnight I promise! When you use it be sure no to shake it or the entire formula will be ruined. 

LIP CARE: I usually don't exfoliate my lips with anything but a washcloth in the shower. When it comes to chapstick I love Auquaphor and this lip oil treatment by Clarins.

- Apply moisturizers, serums, and oils right after you shower. This allows your skin to really absorb the product in your skin while your pores are still open. 

- Use a jade roller to apply oils. Jade rollers work great at stimulating blood flow to your face and promoting lymphatic drainage. 
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- Put sheet masks and eye patches in the fridge for a more refreshing feel. 

- Use a sheet mask after applying your full skincare routine for maximum glow and hydration!

- Use a mud mask as a spot treatment.

That's all I have for today's post! I hope you enjoyed, I had so much fun putting this post together. I really want to do more skincare posts in the future!


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