Monday, May 30, 2016

Mood Board #5

Happy Monday friends! I hope everyone is having a lovely Mermorial Day holiday!

Today's post is another Mood Board, these are always super fun to make I hope you enjoy!

1. KAREN WALKER SUNGLASSES - These fancy tortoise sunnies have had my attention for quite some time. However, recently I have seen so many cute looks paired with the sunglasses and I love them even more!

2. GREEN TEA - Green tea is so amazing for you because of all of the health benefits. I recently started drinking a cup everyday. Green tea is so calming but also gives you energy which is great! Another plus to green tea is the cute matcha lattes like the one above! ^

3. PEONIES - Peony season is here and, every Gossip Girl fan (myself included) wants a fresh bouquet of these pink pretties. 

4. STACKS ON STACKS - < I never actually figured out what this phrase means (do i want to?) but, it make for a great caption! Anyways.... In the summer I always love to trade in my everyday silver jewelry for colorful beads and tassels. If you want to start a stack for yourself I reccomend browsing stores like Charlotte Russe or Charming Charlie. Pinterest also has a bunch of DIY tutorials!

5. GINGHAM SHOES - J. Crew has two toned gingham heels. Need I say more? #OBSESSED

6. GOLD BUCKET BAG - J. Crew had this mini bucket bag in their latest style guide and it is just so cute! The bag comes in gingham, gold, brown, blue, and pink!

Thanks for reading! I hope you had a fun time!

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