Monday, May 29, 2017

Fabulous Floral Dress

I am finally back to blogging after a crazy and hectic end to my junior year of high school; let's get down to business my friends!

To celebrate the end of the school my friend Riley invited my to a little start of summer tea party. It was a perfect excuse to go shopping for a fun summer dress. As soon as I saw this dress I wanted it but there was one problem, I had to take it off of the mannequin on top of a display. The things I do for fashion are crazy sometimes! (Also s/o to my friend Morgan for helping me out!)

Ever since I posted a picture of me in this dress I have has SO many questions about it. I purchased it from Marshall's but I tried my best to link similar ones below.

My shoes were another item I was asked about so I linked them below as well. I highly recommend these shoes they are so comfortable and easy to walk in if you hate heels. 

Here's to summer and many blog posts to come!

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