Thursday, January 5, 2017

Things I've Been Loving Lately

Since I've been out of school for the past few weeks there has been a lot of time for me to try out some new things. I thought I would tell you all about the new things I have been loving in today's post! 

1: RIDES WITH MY PUP - My dog loves to just ride in the car so it's been super fun to just take her on rides in my free time! 

2. FLOWERS - Since the weather is colder now I never really think pick up any flowers from the grocery store. But, my mom brought these pretty pink flowers home for me the other day, I just love them!

3. THIS NAIL POLISH - I never get time to paint my nails when I'm in school. This break has really given me time to try out some new nail polish shades. This polish is "V.I.Peach" from Kylie Jenner's nail polishes with Sinful Colors.

4. QUAY AVIATORS - These all black Quay aviators have been my go to since I recieved them for Christmas. They are super chic and go with almost any look!

5. MARIO BADESCU SPRAY - I always see Olivia Jade use this spray on her YouTube channel so, I decided to give it try. As a big fan of facial sprays I must say that this spray is amazing!  I love spraying it on before I do my makeup, or just for a quick refresher throughout the day.

6. BENEFIT POREFESSIONAL - While I was shopping for the Mario Badescu spray I decided to try out this porefessional primer. Porefessional makes my makeup go on a lot smoother than it did before. It also smells really good!

7. LAUREN GRAHAM'S BOOK - If you know me you know that I am a huge fan of Gilmore Girls; I was so excited when I saw Lauren Graham talking about her new book on Ellen a few weeks ago. The book is titled "Talking As Fast As I Can", the perfect title for a book about Gilmore Girls. I'm only about half way through the book but I am really enjoying it so far. You should definitely read it if you love Gilmore Girls just as much as I do!

8. BULLET JOURNALING - I made this bullet journal a few months ago and never touched it. But, with the New Year in full swing I decided this is the year I start to get more organized. What better way to get organized than by keeping a bullet journal. If you not quite sure what a bullet journal is here is a website all about them!

9. POPSOCKETS - So, basically my little sister is one of those kids and she would always talk about these things called Popsockets. I never really thought I would want one considering I have absolutely no interest in filming myself lipsynching for the Internet. Somehow I caved and got one of these things and it is actually really helpful!

So these are all of the things I have been loving lately! I hope you enjoyed this different type of post! 

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