Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Affordable Holiday Gift Guide: 2018

Hello there! Another holiday blog post is coming your way! 

Today I am sharing a holiday gift guide for almost everyone on your list! I always love to find a deal so, almost every item on today's gift guide list is under $100! There are also a TON of great deals going on for the holiday season! If there is a deal on any items

1. HAT $17.97 - This first gift idea is super simple and could be purchased for almost anyone! I feel like a simple black hat like this Adidas hat, can be worn with so many different outfits. This hat is currently sale for just under $18!

2. HYDROFLASK $44- Hydroflasks are a great gift idea! So many people set a New Years resolution to drink more water and a Hydroflask water bottle would actually help them to achieve this goal. Hydroflasks are have many different colors and a lot of different lid options available! 

3. SUGAR LIP SET $42 - This lip care set would be great for any girl in your life! I know that my mom loves to get stuff like this! Sephora always has the best holiday gift sets and the sugar sweet case is one of my favorite gift sets at Sephora this year!

4. NAIL POLISH - Nail polish is one of my favorite gift to give and receive. I personally feel like I can never have enough of it! 

5. SPOON RINGS  - I recently purchased this ring and I have never had more compliments on a piece of jewelry ever! Spoon rings are super unique rings made out of antique spoon ends. I think this would be a super unique gift and there are so many different styles available!

6. TILE KEY FINDER $24.99- I have never had one of these key finders before, which would probably explain why I keep losing my keys! I have heard great things about the Tile Key finders! I think this would be a great gift, especially for the rather forgetful person on your gift list.

7. BIRCHBOX FOR MEN & WOMEN - I think the idea of a Birchbox for men is a genius idea. Most guys usually have no idea what products that want or like to use. Birchbox helped me find some of my favorite makeup and skincare products!

8. TEDDY COAT - These coats are all the rage for girls teen girls! A teddy coat is super trendy and always make a statement with any outfit!

9. BIRKENSTOCKS $100- These are the most comfortable shoes! Birkenstocks can be a great gift for anyone! I live in my Birkenstocks all twelve months of the year! 

10. CANDY - This one is pretty self-explanatory but, candy! Who doesn't love candy? For a cheap and fun gift buy your gift recipient their favorite candy and maybe a candle (my favorite candle) or some hot cocoa!

11. CORKCICLE CIGAR GLASS - Is it just me or are dads the hardest ones to shop for when it comes to Christmas gifts? I bought my dad this glass for Christmas last year and he absolutely loved it! This is a super cool and unique gift for a dad or grandpa!

12. PERFUME SET - Like I stated before there are some amazing holiday gift sets out there! This is another one of my favorites! I absolutely adore the Philosophy Grace perfumes. They are light and simple but not too simple!

13. UGG SLIPPERS - I think Christmas is a great time to give someone a quality pair of slippers. Slippers are one of those things you do not usually think about purchasing for yourself. This pair of Ugg slippers look so comfy! is also has a great sale of 30% of with the code: GIFTS18.

This conclude my little holiday gift guide! I hope you got a few ideas for the people on your gift list! 

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