Saturday, September 15, 2018

Life Update: First Month of College

Hello everyone! As most of you know I moved into college about a month ago as a freshman. The past month has been full of new experiences and I thought I would share my thoughts on the first month of college.

College has definitely been a huge adjustment for me. I really love to sit down in a quiet room and just write my blog posts. I feel like I am most creative in terms of my blog and Instagram when I have time to myself. But, when you live in a dorm with a roommate and a bunch of other hall mates just a few doors over, alone time is a little hard to find. I finally have a little free time to blog and kind of catch you guys up! 

One difference about college is the randomness. College is just so random! I meet new people everyday and make spontaneous plans all the time. This is so different because I am normally such a planned person (normally if an activity is not in my planner I either forget or it just never gets done).

I'm also a little scared because my school work isn't really that time consuming, like I go to class, do a few tasks, and I'm done for the day. I feel like I might be expecting a big wakeup call soon!

So now that you've been kind of updated on my college experience so far I thought I could answer a few questions. It was so cool to get questions from people because I always feel like many people don't really pay attention to my blog or Instagram. For some reason I always forget that there are real people out here that read my content, instead of just scammy robots lol! 

Q + A

Q: Are you planning to do a dorm room tour? 

A: Yes of course!!! I actually filmed the video a few weeks ago and I can't wait to share my room! I just really want the post to be great so that's why I'm taking a bit! I have also been deciding if I want the post to be sponsored or not.

Q: How's the college life?

A: College life is random, fabulous, and gross all in one!

Q: Fav eating spots in ATL?

Kennesaw is about 30 minutes from Atlanta so whenever I'm in the city I love: Season 52, Egg Harbor Cafe(the lemon poppyseed pancakes are 10/10), Tupelo Honey, Pollo Tropical, Varsity (ofc), Sprinkles (best cupcakes EVER), and Amorino USA (great for instagram pics).

Q: How has blogging changed for you from the transition from high school to college?
A: I definitely have less time to blog in college than I did at home. But, since I am so close to Atlanta now I feel like I have so many more opportunities in terms of collabs, sponsorships, and most importantly cute coffee shops.

Q: Why did you choose not to rush?
A: I chose not to rush because I really wanted to make sure this was school was the right place for me. I also wanted to find my groove in college before joining a big organization.
Q: What's the biggest difference from high school to college?
A: I have the freedom to make my own schedule and do my homework whenever I want! This schedule is definitely something I've wanted since middle school. I feel a lot less stressed because I don't have to go to school for 40 hours every week!

Thank you so much for reading! It was so nice to write a post! Be on the lookout for many more!

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