Tuesday, July 31, 2018

How I Edit My Instagram Photos w/ Lightroom Mobile (for FREE!)

Over the past few months I have seen a ton of bloggers and youtubers using these super cute presets of Lightroom. I just couldn't justify spending hundreds of dollars (or any dollars lol) just to edit pictures for my Instagram. I wanted to find a way to edit my pictures like these people for free; and that's exactly what I did. 

I started doing a little research on Lightroom editing on Youtube. Turns out there are tons of videos with tutorials on how to download Lightroom presets completely free.

When I first started using Lightroom I used the video below by Maddie Perry to edit my pictures.

After a few weeks I realized my pictures didn't look exactly the way I wanted so I started to use these videos to edit.

Currently these are the presets I use on my photos. I usually use the Larissa Dsa (inspired) presets because they look best with the undertones in my skin. I like to use the Tezza (inspired) presets when I post pictures without me in them. 

Once I add the Larissa Dsa (inspired) preset to my photo I like to change it to match my skin and hair perfectly. It's so important that you adjust the presets to match your skins undertones. If I didn't adjust the settings on my photos I would like an orange!

 In the photo below:
(after applying preset)

- I lowered the saturation to -44
- Set the vibrance to 0
- I upped the contrast to +3
- I turned the highlights up to -36
- I lowered the whites to +27
- Upped the blacks to +30
- Lowered clarity to -41

This may sound like a lot of steps to follow but I don't spend more than a few minutes editing a picture. The copy and paste settings tools are your best friends when using Lightroom for an Instagram theme.

I hope you enjoyed my take on Lightroom presets and are able to gain a few editing skills from this post. 

Until next time,

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