Saturday, February 3, 2018

Mood Board #11

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Happy Saturday my friends!!

Today I am back with another Mood Board. I absolutely adore creating these posts and you all seem to like them as week so, let's get started!

1. CHENILLE SWEATERS - I started working at a boutique a few months ago and I had no clue the what the heck "a chenille" was! However, a Christmas season spent in retail taught me that chenille is the hot material for sweaters this winter! I completely understand the hype; chenille is one of the softest materials in clothing (and blankets). If you feel like hopping onto the chenille bandwagon I have a few sweaters linked below!

2. LEGGINGS W/ POCKETS - Basically a total athleisure game changer! You will know how much you need pockets on your leggings until you have them. I used to carry a million things with me when I went hiking or to the gym now my hands are completely free and I look cute too! I also love that leggings with pockets meet everyone's price ranges. 

3. DENIM JACKETS - I recently purchased this distressed denim jacket and it is hard not to wear it everyday. A good denim jacket is so versatile and edges up any look just a little bit. I think that a denim jacket is a staple piece that anyone can wear!

4. CAR PICTURES? - I have been absolutely obsessed with car pictures lately. They are just so aesthetically pleasing to look at. Kind of random but I thought I would include this!

5. TEDDY COAT - If you have been on Instagram or Pinterest this season then you have seen teddy coats everywhere on everybody. The teddy coat is a more chic approach to your favorite sherpa pullover. Throw on a teddy coat with almost any outfit for an instant statement. 

Thank you so much for hanging out! I hope you enjoyed, if you did please shop the links below!

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