Friday, December 30, 2016

Athens: Day In My Life

A few days ago my mom and I took a little day trip to Athens (Georgia not Greece), while we were there I snapped some photos to share will you!

COFFEE: Our first stop was a cute little coffee shop called Two Story. Everytime I go to another city I love to find a coffee shop to go to. After seeing Brooke Miccio's photos here I knew I wanted to visit!
This latte was not only SO SO pretty but, it was also really good, even though it left me all jittery later in the day!

SHOPPING TIME: I spent a couple of days in Athens this past summer at a camp but I didn't really get to explore the town the way I wanted to AKA go shopping. Athens has so many unique boutiques and shops to visit. This day I visited Urban Outfitters, Fringe, Pitaya, & the Indigo Child

(this cute floor tile reminded me of a picture from Glossier) 

THE TOWN: I snapped a few cool shots of Athens outside of the shops. 

(look for this outfit post in the near future!)

LUNCH: I don't know why but I didn't take photos of where we ate for lunch because it was the best part! We ate at a Latin American restaurant called Cal and Tito's and it was honestly the best Latin American food I've ever had. The restaurant itself also has super cool decor and a fountain on the inside!

I hope you enjoyed the Day In My Life Athens Edition! Athens is such a cool town and I hope to visit again soon! 

Until next time!

xoxo Kayla

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