Monday, August 15, 2016

Mood Board #8

collage made with Polyvore

I have been completely obsessed with the color blush lately. It's just such a simple color and it goes with so much. Today's Mood Board is highly inspired by the color blush and J. Crew

1. TRENCH COATS - A trench coat is such a versatille closet staple. J. Crew has had a bunch of outfits paired with trench coats that I just adore. I love the look of a simple outfit with a trench coat has the statment in the outfit.

2. HYDRANGEAS - I always love fresh flowers in my room. Lately, I have gravitated more to hydrangeas. I think it's because they look so nice in a vase and there are so many different colors. I currently have white hydrangeas in my room and they are so cute!

3. LOAFERS? - I really didn't think I would ever be the type of girl to wear loafers with any outfit. But things change, I love loafers now. These silver and blush loafers from J. Crew are some of the cutest I've seen yet!

4. FAUX FUR CHAIRS - Faux fur desk chairs have been all over my Pinterest boards lately. The fur is just a minimal and modern twist to the classic desk chair. This chair from Pb Teen is super chic and would be perfect in a minimal office.

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