Monday, August 1, 2016

Back To School 2016: All About Agendas

It's August 1st and that means that your 18-month agendas can now be used! 
A planner is an essential for me during the school year. It helps me remember all of the crazy amounts of homework my teachers assign me. 

Today I am sharing my top picks for agendas this school year. 

There's a new agenda brand I discovered last week called XO Planners. These agendas are super cute and there are lots of prints. 

source: XO Planners

Lilly agendas are what got me into agendas in the first place. Every year they have new prints and are one of my favorite agenda brands. 

source: Lilly Pullitzer

Day Designer agendas are the best agenda if you're a girl-on-the-go who has a TON of plans. There is a page for each day, hence the name Day Designer. This is the most organized agenda I have ever seen!

source: Day Designer

Finally, my favorite agenda I purchased my first agenda last year to see if they were worth the hype. Well, they are. The agenda includes stickers, inspirational messages, & fun holidays like National Cake Decorating Day. 


Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Comment what agenda you love below!



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