Friday, June 10, 2016

The Perfect White Shirt

I recently purchased this white button up shirt to wear to a job interview. I didn't get the job but, that's okay because this shirt is the perfect white shirt. The material is a super light linen and it's super affordable!

This sort of look has been my favorite style for quite sometime now. I just love the way a button up shirt and jeans looks so simple yet put together. 

The jeans I'm wearing above are actually homeade. Boyfriend jeans can be pretty pricey so I highly recommend getting crafty and making some! But, if DIY projects aren't really your thing there are a few pairs linked below!

As for shoes I decided to wear these "model off duty" style sport sandals from my mom's closet. These are actually super comfy and make me feel very summer in New York City.

Thank you so much for reading! 

Joe's Jeans distressed jeans

Black sandals
$160 -

Flat shoes
$29 -

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