Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Mood Board #7


Happy Wednesday guys! Today I have a new Mood Board, this one is a little shorter than the usual ones but I hope you still enjoy!

1. STATEMENT EARRINGS - I think I talked about statement earrings in a previous post and I still love them! @ Cmcoving on Instagram always has these earrings on, I just think they are so cute!

2. GREEN AVIATORS - Aviators are a staple item in my wardrobe. I have a silver pair and an orange pair right now. Ever since summer I have had my eye on a blue-ish green pair of aviators. I think they would add an edge or statement to a simply chic summer outfit!

3. SUNFLOWERS - I picked up a bouquet of these pretty yellow flowers last week, they add such a bright look to my room. For some reason sunflowers make me really happy! 

4. THE NEW SKORT? - Flowy shorts started to become a trend last summer. I feel like flowy shorts that almost look like a skirt could be dubbed the new skort. I personally don't wear them myself but I think they are an easy way to dress up a look and still be comfortable!

Thank you for reading!!

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