Tuesday, October 27, 2015

10 Things to know about L.L. Bean Boots.

Now that fall is finally here it's time to pull out your boots. If you are anything like me L.L. Bean boots are a big part of your fall wardrobe. I have had mine for almost two years and I love them. Today I am sharing ten things to know about bean boots.

1. Bean boots are completely waterproof!

It's true! So, feel free to stomp in puddles all you want.

2. Wear camp socks with 8" inch boots to prevent sock-slipping.

My socks seem to slip when I wear my boots. I like to wear camp socks with my boots to prevent this from happening. 

3. Bean boots are incredibly comfortable.

I wear them all day and they don't hurt my feet!

4. You can tie them cool ways!

I love to tie my bean boots like this or this!

5. Bean boots are worth the money!

I bought my bean boots for $109.00, which is more than I normally pay for shoes. This investment was totally worth the money. You can also get your bean boots redone if they get worn out!

6. Plaid interior bean boots are an option!

The plaid interior bean boots are soooo cute! They are not avaliable online so you must call over the phone.

7. L.L. Bean has boot-mobiles!

8. You can make some really cute outfits with bean boots!

9. There is a Bean Boot Shortage.

10. Here are just some pics of L.L. Bean Boots.

*Not all photos belong to me but, most do.