Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A weekend in my life: Meeting Melanie Martinez.

Hey everyone! It's Kayla, and today I have my first Weekend in My Life post for you all. I'm going to be sharing my experience meeting Melanie Martinez in Atlanta! Let's get started!

Meeting Melanie Martinez: I arrived in Atlanta the afternoon of the show and quickly got ready for the concert with my mom. We had intentions of eating dinner before the show however, when we arrived at the venue it was already a long line to the show. So we decided (I decided) to just skip dinner because YOLO! It turned out that the VIPs got to go in earlier than anyone else so, I actually could have had dinner, oh well.
Now the fun part! When it was time to go inside the venue I felt so cool because the bouncer said, "What's your name?" and my name was on the list. As soon as I walked in I saw Melanie on the other side of the room talking to the other VIP folks. Then, it was MY turn! I walked up the stairs and said, "I'm Kayla." like the really awkward person I am! She laughed and hugged me and I was so nervous. Next, Melanie asked if I wanted anything signed and I had her sign my shoe (why Kayla?). I asked the bodyguard next to her if he would take a picture of us and, it was funny because Melanie had to show him how to work my camera haha! I waved goodbye and went to the crowd. 
About an hour later it was time for the show! She sang the entire Cry Baby album/story and it was so great! Here are some shots! :

Thank you so much for reading this was a super cool experience to meet someone from my favorite show, The Voice! I hope you all enjoyed and be sure to check out the Cry Baby Album.

*All pictures were taken and are owned by me.

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